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X3 Nutritional QuickStart

Few things in life are as exciting as committing to transformation, P90X3-style. So if you are itching to get this party started, here’s a quick summary of how the nutrition plan works. But remember, while this QuickStart gives you the basics, for best results, make it a priority to take the time to read the guide in its entirety as soon as possible. It is packed with invaluable information that will help you achieve a lifetime of healthy habits.

Go to the Three Easy Steps chapter in the Nutrition Guide to get started:

Step one:

Go to page 19 and take the Nutrition Quiz to obtain your score.

Go to page 20 to select the corresponding Calorie Plan.

Select your P90X3 Daily Meal Plan on page 21. Your meal plan will have portions for three food groups (Protein, Carbs, Fat)

The portions will be broken up into meals and snacks, but this is just a sample. If you need to move the portions around for flexibility. that is okay as long as the total portions for each of the food groups remain the same per day.

Step two:

Go to page 23 to select either the Micromanagement System if you want to take a detailed approach to your servings or the Way of the Hand to take a more relaxed approach. A more in-depth explanation of these food-measuring methods is provided on this page.

Step Three:

Go to the Food list on page 32-37. Select your favorite foods from each list with their corresponding measurements.
Use your Daily Meal Plan from Step One to figure out how many portions of each food group you are supposed to eat each day.
Go shopping, prep your food, and start transforming !


A note from tony horton.
Before you bring it, you have gotta eat it !

You are now holding the nutrition system that is designed to fuse with the p90x3 fitness system. You won’t get much out of one if you do not follow the other – that’s why they are stuck together in the same book ! So do not consider this an option, consider it the most important workout of the whole program.

On these pages you will find the food philosophies and strategies that provide the nutrients required to power through X3 – and through the rest of your life, for that matter. And just as you are required to choose the right weights and hold proper form in the Fitness Guide, here you are required to eat real food that fuels the body for healing, energy, and performance.

But which foods those are depends on the individual. That is why this plan follows my flexitarian philosophy. It is designed to get you eating healthily, but still gives you the flexibility to create a diet that suits your personal needs.

It also allows you to rethink your diet as your personal needs change. I was a vegan for years, but as i slalomed into my 50s (yes, I am a ski bum), I started to notice i just was not recovering they way i wanted to. Around the same time, i learned that the meat industry had made huge strides in ethics and quality. It had become easy to find fish, fowl, and grass-fed beef free of hormones and antibiotics. I could feel good about eating this stuff, so i returned it sparingly into my diet – not daily, mind you. Just as needed. And i prospered, big-time.

That is how i view all foods and supplements. If i think something might work, I try it and let my body tell me if it is working or not.

The P90X3 nutrition plan springs from that philosophy, and is designed to help you find the fuel that works for you, so that you will not only get the most out of your X3 workouts, heck, you will feel better just standing there. It is simple, flexible, and filled with a variety of delicious, healthy foods. And like X3, it is fast .

For more about the p90x3 recipes & diet plan, you can download the pdf ebook and check more.

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