p90x nutrition plan

p90x meal plan

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P90X Nutrition Plan – Eating for power performance

p90x nutrition plan

Why the p90x nutrition plan looks different from other beachbody diet plans

As you may notice from the math on the following pages, p90x is not built around a daily “calorie deficit” for weight loss like the general Beachboy plans. It is important that you understand why, so you have the right training mentality with this program, with the right expectations.

Our calculations in the p90x nutrition plan are different from those in our other programs’ diet guides and in the diet and support center. Running a caloric deficit during P90X is risky. and Chances are it would lead to overtraining, decreased performance, or perhaps injury or illness. If someone used a 600-calorie deficit during p90x, they might see weight loss initially, but, over time, their performance would get worse and worse. With constant monitoring we could increase one’s calorie consumption as needed. but this is not practical within our client structure.

To exemplify this, the number one piece of advice we give on the message boards is to eat more. in the initial stages of our programs, most of our customers lose weight due to a combination of eating fewer calories, eating better calories, and increasing their workload. Over time, they stagnate-or “plateau” at the lower calorie intake because their bodies have changed and require more calorie. It is quite hard to convince them that they can eat more and not gain weight. However, it is extremely common to see our members- when on a plateau – add calories and begin seeing dramatic weight loss. We have clients actually need to double their calorie intake before this weight loss effect of increased calories reversed. Since p90x begins at the stage where a high percentage of our clients have hit a plateau, it is important that we give them enough fuel to recover from their workouts.

Where this can go wrong is that our guidelines are ballpark and can only be ballpark. There is no way to determine exactly how individual bodies work with one document. In a lab, we could do this – obviously, a limiting factor here. With that mind, we needed to come up with the best one solution that would fit the greatest number of people.

In my experience, Carrie Wiatt’s phased diet plan was the best way to do this. I knew we would run into problems with ultra fit people attempting the initial low-carb phase. However , the point is to attempt-the best way we could within our limitations-to teach you how to determine what works for your body. The easiest way that i have found is to limit carbohydrate intake until performance begins to suffer and then add them back in. Therefore, Phase 1 may last two months or two days (you need to determine this for yourself). But through the process, you will learn what carbohydrates actually do for your body and become more sensitive to why and when you should eat them. I have used this little “trick” with clients for years, and , especially with women, it is often the one thing that will get them off of a plateau.

The bottom line is that you need blood sugar to perform your best and this comes from eating carbohydrates. Low-carb diets can be okay for obese people in their transitioning state, but a well-fueled athletic body burns a lot of carbohydrates. This is the reason the P90X plan transitions they way it does. Real athletes do not eat “low carb” to perform and it is important to understand this.

P90X is not a fast-track weight loss solution like other programs. It is a unprecedented fitness solution designed to give you a stronger, healthier dob that will become leaner and perform better over time. It is not designed for weight loss per se. It is designed to increase human performance and improve overall body composition. Trust it.


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