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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Rest Speed & Agility Strength Back to Core Vertical Plyo Rest Day Speed & Agility
Strength Back to Core Vertical Plyo Relief Gameday Back to Core Strength
Relief Speed & Agility Vertical Plyo Strength Relief Gameday Overtime Vertical Plyo
Back to Core Rest Day Speed & Agility Strength Gameday Overtime Vertical Plyo Back to Core
Relief Speed & Agility Athletic Performance Assessment


insanity asylum Volume 1

In Volume 1, Shaun t focuses on his passion: Sports. As Shaun says, it is all about the game – you have got to be in it to win it. Inspired by sports – Specific training and exercises used by professional athletes, this 30-day series focuses on building speed, coordination, balance, agility, and power. The result ? You will run faster, jump higher, hit harder, and WIN.

You will be challenged with sports training techniques that will take your body and your fitness level to new heights. It is cross training to the max, with plyometrics, speed and agility, strength, power, core, and balance exercises. Each workout uses a series of progressions to take you to the next level. That may mean more reps, more speed, or better form, but each time you will need more skill to master them.

Shaun utilizes tow sports training tools, and Agility Ladder and a Speed Rope. These training tools require a new level of concentration and focus in order to build skills and improve speed and coordination. It is essential that you slow down and use good form to master the moves.

We will leave it to you to say if these workouts are the hardest ones you have ever tried. We know we said that about INSANITY, but now Shaun pushes you to dig even DEEPER. But THE ASYLUM is more than a physical challenge. Most workouts are over when you get tired, but in INSANITY: THE ASYLUM, that is only the beginning. And when you are tried, you will need mental focus to get through the physical pain.

The Asylum Volume 2: Elite Training Series

Shaun T says, “The work does not start until you get tired,” and when you push play on Volume 2 you will know what that means.

Volume 1 taught you the fundamentals of sports performance, and now you will build on that foundation with training techniques used by professional athletes to separate them from the competition. Shaun challenges you with complex agility moves, progressive new strength moves, dynamic power exercises, and so much more.

And at the end of any game, everyone, even the pros, gets tired. But it is what happens when you are tired that separates the amateurs from the professionals. You need the highest level of mental and physical toughness to succeed. Each workout gets progressively more difficult, pushing you to maintain form and focus when you want to quit the most.

At the end of 30 days, you will have the endurance, stamina, and focus you need to win the game. That is what volume 2 is all about.

Are you ready ? Let is go !  Insanity Asylum

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