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Food has many roles. It is a source of fuel, energy and nutrients. It affects your body weight. It alters your health and vital indicators, like cholesterol and blood pressure. Food is social and food is emotional. But the primary purpose of food is fuel. Your body needs fuel to function: proteins,fats and carbs. Your goal in the next 60 days is to eat healthy, learn about balanced nutrition and feed your body what it needs to survive INSANITY. Hopefully you can also use this guide to eat healthier and live healthier every day.


insanity workout dietIn this plan,you’ll learn about healthy food basics and the proper balance of nutrients you need each day.Your body doesn’t refined sugars,processed foods,sodas,or artificial sweeteners.In fact,they can be harmful.When you eliminate them,you’ll actually feel better.And guess what?Food that’s good for you tastes great,too.

Here are the tools to help you figure out what and how much to eat for the next 60 days and beyond.This guide gives you meal options and food lists to choose from.As you get in better shape and your metabolism soars,you’ll also learn how to increase your calories to fuel your changing body.

This plan will work for you whether you’ve been dieting for years or don’t know what a calorie is.Whether you’re male or female ,and whether you want to lose weight or bulk up.It will give you the energy to maximize your workouts and become a healthier person.It’s not about quick fixes or fads.It’s about eating and using food for its intended purpose.Fuel.


insanity workout nutritionThis Elite Nutrition guide is designed to power your body  through the most intense workouts of your life.When you’re digging into this ultra-extreme fitness regimen,you can’t go low-carb.You need to fuel your system with balanced and nutritious meals and snacks.Your  body is literally going to bur through the food you eat, whether they’re carbs,fats,or protein.This is NOT the time to diet,But if you want to lose weight, you’ll eat the right foods in the right proportions.The balanced meal plans will provide your body with the fuel that it need to get through these INSANE workouts.

This isn’t diet, it’s a plan that will teach you how to eat healthy for the duration of INSANITY and for the rest  of your life.Elite Nutrition focuses on eating 5 meals a  day ,none too large or too small.All the meals contain roughly the same number of calories. This frequent eating is optimal for your metabolism and provides stamina for your intense workouts.

Everyone has different caloric needs, so this guide shows you to increase the calories of all the meals if you still need more calories,add the “Food Blocks”to your meals,or enjoy them as snacks,to reach your caloric requirements.

Each meal listed is around 40% protein,40% carb,and 20% fat.It’s important to balance protein, carbs, and fats to promote optimal blood sugar control,resulting in the best possible state for your workouts ,There is a full overview on protein,carbs,and fat in this guide,as well as Michi’s Ladder,a Beachbody tool to help you create your own meals.

The recommended foods have a low glycemic index, which has less impact on blood sugar.High glycemic foods,such as white bread and candy,cause a repid rise and subsequent rapid drop in blood sugar,draining your energy .Low giycemic foods provide you with steady energy throughout the day and optimal fuel for your workouts.The plan also avoids additives,overly processed foods,sugar substitutes,and alcohol.


Month One:Your Daily Meals

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In the “Start Eating”section (pages 13-55) you’ll find 5 separate meal lists.Each day you’ll pick one meal from each of the five meal lists,totaling 5 meals a  day.Try not to skip any meals.

Each meal list has 10 options to choose from.Keep selecting different meals to give yourself healthy variety.

Each meal contains approximately 300 calories,and has instructions about how to scale it up to either 400 or 500 calories depending on your individual caloric needs.Therefore, these five meals a day will provide anywhere from 1,500 calories to 2,500 calories per day.You can also use the 100-calorie and 200-calorie food blocks to meet your daily caloric requirements.Add them to your meals,or eat them as snacks.

Month Two:Eat More

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As you enter the second month of this Elite Nutrition program,you’ll find that your body burns calories much faster than it did a month ago.Plus,your Month Two workouts get harder and longer,so you’ll need more fuel. To meet your increased fuel needs,this plan includes a list of 100-calorie complex carbohydrates. Based on your  weight loss or weight gain goals,you can add these to meet your increased caloric needs,or continue with your basic meal lists from Month One.if you do add these complex carbs,choose from one to three of them per day.adding them to your earlier meals.

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